Hello YOU, this is where we meet...

There are many different ways to work with me, whether you are looking for free resources to expand and deepen your life journey, or  you'd love individual support to overcome difficult situations and thrive.

I work with clients individually: online, in person, and in groups. I also host workshops, both online and in person.

Work with me

Individual Sessions

If you are looking for the most profound and shifting experience, this is the most effective way to get there.

Choose a day and time below, and let's have a chat: so that we can see each other and hear each other's voice. Pick up on those subtle little things that make all the difference.

In this time you can share whatever feels right to you, and ask all the questions you might have on how working together would look and feel like. We can have this chat online or in person in my practice in Zürich (CH).

Book a 30-minute free consultation

Free Resources

Every month I host a Guided Meditation or Demo (a call in which I randomly chose a person for a session). Click here to sign-up and be notified of the next dates.

My Blog, YouTube channel, and InsightTimer app is where I share IFS meditations, subconscious explorations, insights, and snippets into what it means to be human from a neuroscience and evolutionary point of view.


I occasionally host paid workshops (in-person and online) focusing on diverse topics.

These workshops are experiential in nature, and lead to profound and shifting insights.

You can sign-up here to be notified about the next (free or paid) workshop.

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