Hello YOU, this is where we meet...

There are many different ways to work with me, whether you are looking for free resources to expand and deepen your life journey, or whether you'd like to be supported within the safe belonging of a group or the nurturing embrace of individual sessions.

Work with me:  free resources, workshops, 1:1 & group sessions

Free Resources

Join my YouTube LIVE streams. Click here to sign-up and be notified of the next dates and events.

In my Blog, YouTube channel, and InsightTimer app  you can find IFS meditations, subconscious explorations, insights, and other tools that will support your in your healing and inner exploration journey.

Workshops & Inner Explorations

I regularly host paid workshops and subconscious explorations.

These workshops are experiential in nature, and lead to profound and shifting insights.

You can check the Events page for a list of the incoming workshops, or sign-up here to be notified whenever new events are planned.

Group cohorts

I lead small group cohorts on the following topics:

  • preparation and integration of Psychedelic experiences
  • introduction to Internal Family Systems and getting to know how your parts are organized in an experiential way
  • preparation to working 1:1 with me

If you are interested,  sign-up here to be notified about the next cohorts.

Individual Assessment

This is a one-time process to understand where you are at and provide different perspectives and paths towards healing. This is typically valuable for people who have tried different approaches but are still seeking a "lasting solution".

The consultation follows 3 phases:

#1 - an in-depth questionnaire gathering information on your history, past therapies, family trauma, and more

#2 - an assessment of the organization of your internal system (your parts) through an online test

#3 - a one-time 2 hour online consultation call on zoom

Contact me if interested.

Work with me:  Individual sessions

If you are looking for the most profound and shifting experience, this is the most effective way to get there.

Please note:
I'm currently open only for in-person sessions in Zürich, Switzerland, and at the present time I have a waiting list of about 3 months.
If you are eager to start, it is possible to join IFS preparation sessions in a small group (3 to 5 people) format and then transition to 1:1 sessions.

If you are interested to be added to my waiting list or start with the small group sessions please get in touch and let's have a chat: so that we can see each other and hear each other's voice. Pick up on those subtle little things that make all the difference.

In this time you can share whatever feels right to you, and ask all the questions you might have on how working together would look and feel like. We can have this chat online or in person in my practice in Zürich (CH).

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