Are you tired of getting stuck in self-sabotaging behaviors?

Of feeling the shameful sting of what you could not get done, once again?

Of feeling there must be something wrong with you?

Then, I need to tell you, from the very depth of my heart:

There’s nothing wrong with you.


Feeling disappointed with yourself?

...but get stuck in the same self-sabotaging behaviors over and over again?

struggling to be consistenT with what you want, while doing all the wrong things instead?

...and wondering why do you keep doing this to yourself?

feeling like you don't really know yourselF?

...let alone feel love for yourself, or know what you truly want from life.

feeling guilty and wrong?

...because you cannot feel committed and satisfied with your own life.


I truly do... because I have been exactly where you are at… and all places in-between!

Stuck in a life everyone thought was great, but that didn't bring me joy.

Fighting off self-sabotaging behaviors: food binging, gaming, TV series, and whatever could keep the voices in my head quiet. Numbing my life away.

Any excitement would quickly fade away when washed over by the voice of self-doubt, perfectionism, or the possibility of failure.

Until I had enough of all that. 

I went polymath on what was in the way of a life that felt truly wow, and emerged as everything I wished to be, feel, and do. 

Since then, I teach and guide others to the life they long for through an intuitive and evidence-based framework.

Valentina Manini
Change Expert (MA), Certified Life Coach

Because it's not you...

It took me years to research and truly understand everything that was in the way, learn my way out, and make it regression-proof! Below are the cornerstones of my framework.


The Being-Human Legacy

We are hardwired for safety, acceptance and fitting-in. Below the age of 6 we create a belief system rooted in those core needs, and make sense of the world (and ourselves) through the eyes of our caregivers. This worked great a long time ago... but nowadays? Not so much.

This is the point in time you can let go of the resentment you have been holding towards the person you are (and are not). It's not you. It has never been you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with how you function. Just a bunch of evolutionary outdated programs.


The Mono-mind faulty model

We are taught, from early on, that we have one mind. One personality. That we are ONE individual, and that's it. And so we struggle and fight with ourselves.
We feel at a loss about our behaviors, especially when so distant from what we actually want. We feel shame and guilt at our inability to "control" ourselves. We get entangled in the comparison game. We  grow unhappy with what we do, think, feel, and live. We struggle even more.

The truth is that we are far from being ONE! 
Is it so surprising that by behaving as if we are one, we don't get the results we want?
That we keep on fuelling the inner struggle, even if it's not bringing anywhere?

Making sense of all the voices crowding our heads is our way out of this faulty model.
Glimpsing behind the curtain of our subconscious to get to the roots of unwanted behaviors, so that they can stop. Rather than getting stuck in a never ending struggle that has no way out.


The Sequence of Doom

The way in which our Belief System seamlessly leads to the results we see in our life... sucks. There's no other way to put it. That's why I call it the "Sequence of Doom".

A bunch of things we absorbed, learned, and modelled in early childhood is now deciding what we get in life, how we feel with ourselves, and ultimately, how we will - not - get out of this loop. The Mono-mind model makes sure we never get out of it, if not for short periods of time. Just making a dent in the whole sequence. Making it a bit better, yet never really away. 

That's why we cannot address a lifetime of habits, beliefs, and patterns JUST in a cognitive way. Or JUST making sense of the voices/parts in our head. Or JUST changing our habits. We need to work on all three for the Sequence of Doom to shift - and never come back.


Learning the way out

For things to change, and then evolve into something even better, over and over again, we need to let go of this idea that WE are faulty. That there's something wrong with us. That we are inadequate. Never enough.

We do that by embracing the totality of who we are, so that instead of getting stuck in fears and doubts, we move on with confidence and courage. Free to be, and free to choose.

So that instead of blame, we feel compassion.
Instead of judgement, we feel curiosity.
Instead of doubt, we feel acceptance.
Instead of mistrust, we feel belonging.
Instead of fear, we feel courage.

So that instead of trying to fix ourselves, we learn to embrace ourselves, and radiate everything we are at our core into our life and relationships, so that they transform into everything we need them to be.

Are you ready to let go of everything that is keeping you stuck?

Not in one overwhelming leap, but through micro-actions leading to the most heartfelt and meaningful changes.


The Wired 4 Wow Membership Program

Quit the struggle with yourself: get the freedom to BE, and the courage to CHOOSE.

This is a monthly program that takes you from now to wow, even - and especially - if you feel that you are not made for wow.

Address the three elements necessary to rewire your mind and life, while making sense of the voices crowding your head.

The Guidance 

Group Coaching - The Subconscious bit

Where we make sense of the voices crowding your head, so that they stop being in the way, and start supporting you in unexpected and extraordinary ways. So that you can feel good in your own skin. So that you can let go of the struggle, shame and guilt. So that you can embrace the totality of who you are, and truly feel and create what you want from your life.

Monthly Bootcamp: The Workshop - The Cognitive bit

Where all the Cognitive bits go into place, so that you truly understand how your mind and body work and how to use them to create the life you want, in every area. In the relationship with yourself and others, in your professional career, in your ability to feel joy, satisfaction, and meaning. In your power to be you, and choose in complete freedom.

Monthly Bootcamp: The Habit creation challenge - The Habits bit

Where we rewire the behaviors that are keeping you stuck and disappointed with yourself.

Monthly Q&A

Where your questions are answered :-)

In their words

"This work is a gift, it is a huge gift." - Matt

A fantastic instrument for becoming the happy person that you wish to be

A must do - incredibly efficient and intuitive technique to work on reprogramming patterns of thought and behavior, which drain your health and energy in everyday life. A fantastic instrument for the work on personal development and for becoming the happy person that you wish to be.

In a very simple and intuitive manner, you can dissect the different "protectors" in your thought patterns, and engage with them.

Valentina has a natural and warm capability to create the necessary safe space and guide you through this process of self-discovery and healing.

Davor Kosanic Integrated Consciousness & Deep Ecology Expert

Valentina is incredibly authentic, effective and gifted.

This work is a gift, it is a huge gift. Valentina has that rare combination of an incredibly alive mind and an open heart. She speaks to both the head and the heart. All of us get stuck and that's ok, but when you find someone who can guide you to freedom you really want to tell your friends about it! If you are one of those people who feels a bit numb and distanced from both themselves and the world then consider what it would mean for you if you could genuinely reconnect with yourself and those around you. That's what's happening for me and I don't think I could have done it without a gifted guide. Valentina is one seriously gifted guide!

Matthew Godfrey

...where transformation and healing can happen

Valentina meets you exactly where you're at in any given moment and holds space for whatever arises on your journey into new and sometimes uncomfortable territory. Her energy and her ability to compassionately and gently guide you are true gifts and open up the path to a place where transformation and healing can happen.

Melanie Matjeschk

Feeling relieved and much more aware

Me before the session: frustrated with emotions and stuff I had no idea how to handle, feeling tossed and turned around and going through the notions.
Me after the session: feeling relieved and much more aware of what's actually going on with me, plus having tools that now I can use when I get triggered to handle the situation positively.
I so appreciate your help!

Gosia Potoczna Marketing Expert

And then, all of a sudden, everything becomes possible.

Valentina impresses me as she rapidly and intuitively goes to the place where the person’s ​struggles are. And then she calls a spade a spade, but when doing so she is extremely warmhearted, respectful, and eye-opening. And then, all of a sudden, everything becomes possible.

Ansgar Rougemont-Bücking FMH Psychiatrist, Scientific senior resident


"The YOU Factor" Course

Make sense of the voices crowding your head. Following the intuitive and evidence-based IFS Framework, you will learn to feel good in your skin, see and feel the real you, and move past everything that is in the way of what you long for.

Visualizations Bundle

My most requested bundle of guided visualizations to bring about the most wondrous shifts, and get you unstuck from downward spirals and triggered states.

Lively Community

A FB Group of people on the same journey, where you can feel seen and heard. Where a soothing sense of belonging and acceptance will bring peace and joy into your life.

Is THIS for you?


  • You are disheartened about how you feel with yourself, and disappointed about your self-sabotaging behaviors.

  • You feel disconnected and confused about who you are, and want the freedom to know and love yourself.
  • You could not find anything that worked for you.
  • You are ready for emotion-stirring work, knowing that it will bring you exactly where you long for. 
  • You are ready to meet the real you, face-to-face, heart-to-heart.

Probably not...

  • The idea of glimpsing into your subconscious gives you the creeps, and you actually believe you are in control of every aspect of your life at any given time.
  • You will keep doing the same old-old, but expect a different result.
  • You are not ready for any work that might bring tears down your cheeks, or be emotionally intense.


Is it going to work for me?

If you are a human being, with a human brain, and a beating heart, then YES, it will work for you. This is an evidence-based process that will transform the way in which you perceive and talk to yourself.

Is this going to be emotionally painful?

Yes. And it’s going to be a pain that comes deep from your heart, from a long-forgotten part of you. And it’s going to be the most reconnecting, healing and relieving pain you have ever felt in your life. A pain that will open you up to love, compassion, acceptance and… the real YOU.

Is this based on known frameworks?

The backbone of this framework is IFS (Internal Family System), enriched by ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy). They are all evidence-based frameworks.

How long will it take to see the results?

You will start seeing and feeling results in just a few weeks.

What if I don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for me?

You can cancel anytime, no questions asked!

How much time will I need to dedicate to it?

It depends on how fast you wish to shift your life. You will understand the whys behind your behaviours and the way in which your life looks. You will get clarity on who you truly are, and how much more you can be. You will learn how to overcome everything that has been in the way. If you put little time into it, then you will see a slow but steady shift. If you put a lot of time into it, then brace yourself for an extraordinary life shift.

“I still can't believe how quickly it happened”


I have been to quite a few counsellors and coaches in the past few years but none of them have made the difference for me that Valentina has - I still can't believe how much of a difference it has made and how quickly it happened. When she says there can be a big change in only a few sessions - keep an open mind and believe her, because it's certainly what happened for me!

Matthew Godfrey

Are you ready to bring some WOW into your life?

To celebrate each and every year as your best one ever?
To hear, trust and follow the real you, without getting stuck in self-sabotaging behaviors?

Join the W4W Membership Program for 67$ per month (cancel anytime)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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In their words:

"I've really felt the shift happen" - Dipika

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