This is for you... my very special people!

You, to whom I feel I owe so much.

You, who have worked hard over the past weeks and months: understanding, struggling, embracing, nurturing, experimenting.

You, who welcomed me in your life, so that we could create wonder and magic in your mind and life.
You, who have explored scared, cheerful, angry, frustrated, and sad parts hidden away in your subconscious.

This is where we keep it going!

Because good things don't need to come to and end ?

Because I know that...


...and would love to keep that momentum going.

YOU WANT to conquer THE WORLD...

...even though you might not feel ready yet! 

YOU STILL GET overwhelmed from time to time...

...because that's our human nature! 


...because we just got below the surface.


It's normal to need a support system in place.

One that works for the person that you are.

One that keeps you present in your life.

One that supports that growth you want so much to keep expanding.

One that is shared with other humans on the same journey.

One that is supported by a trusted and gentle guidance.

That’s why I created THIS!

So that you could get everything you need in this journey of yours, without EVER feeling overwhelmed, alone, or as if you don’t belong. 

So that you can keep growing. One bit at a time.

So that you can feel better and better in your life... and conquer the world.

The Wired 4 Wow Membership Program is for you... so that...

You will keep growing your freedom to BE, and nurturing your courage to CHOOSE.

You will keep going from now to wow, even - and especially - if you feel like you are not made for wow (I never did either).

The What 

Apply the W4W framework to go from now to wow, one tiny bit at a time, and following my easy roadmap.


How do you want to feel in your life? How do you feel instead? Let’s get closer and closer to that vision of yours, no matter the obstacles that might arise.


Let's keep growing that "knowing" of who you really are, and what you truly want from life. So that you reconnect to your inner compass, for good.


Continue your work in replacing self-sabotaging behaviors with passion-driven ones, so that you can confidently move on in your life and feel nurtured by everything you do.


Practice connecting and nurturing your real self, so that you feel good in your own skin. Relate to others while rooted in true connection and unconditional love (because it makes all the difference in the world).


Keep creating a life of expansion and excitement, so that you can leap forward without getting stuck ever again.


Get a deeper understanding of what truly ignites your heart and explore exciting twists in your possible futures.

... and so much more!

Because you get the freedom and the time to explore and shift anything that you care about: from romance to parenting, from seemingly impossible dreams to inner cages, from hidden away dreams to current careers.

The How 

Guided Inner Exploration Calls (2 x month)

Keep exploring your Inner Family System, so that you can get to a point in which all your parts are supporting you in unexpected and extraordinary ways.
So that you are not triggered anymore. So that your exiles are healed. So that all your protectors give up their protecting roles and embrace healthy ones.
So that you can truly embrace the totality of who you are, and feel the freedom of creating what you want from life.

The Monthly Theme - Workshop + Challenge

Let's dig deeper into one topic every month, the way you already know.

Example of monthly topics:
- Identify, Understand, and Rewire the Toxic Beliefs whispering lies into your ears (yes, we are going to work more in depth on those nasty statements).
- Boost your Awareness superpower
- Feel your core in a concrete and visual way
- Identify your Heartfelt Values
- Create and hold healthy Boundaries without feeling like a selfish a...
- Connect your parts with sources of chronic physical pain
- Longevity: all the dos and don't of living a long happy life
... and so many more

Lively Community

This is a place where YOU belong. In everything that you are, and in everything you don't YET know, that you are!
This is where we get to cheer each other up. In here, we just are: humans. With all our quirks and peculiar minds.


"The YOU Factor" Course

Make sense of the voices crowding your head. Following the intuitive and evidence-based IFS Framework, you will learn how to feel good in your skin, see and feel the real you. This foundational course provides the theory, practice, visualizations, scripts, and anything else you might ever need.

and Tools

My most requested bundle of guided visualizations to bring about the most wondrous shifts, and get you unstuck from downward spirals and triggered states. Paired with other exercises, tools & hacks that will support you in this journey.

Monthly Surprise 

This is... well... a surprise. It might be a Q&A session on some tough topic, it might be a call with Mini-Sessions, it might be a Day Pijama party, or a Share Your Story 'round the Fire kind of thing. Who knows!

Are you ready to keep the magic flowing?

To hear, trust and follow the real you, until you feel you got all you ever wished for?

To keep growing, to keep exploring, to keep expanding.

The W4W Monthly Membership Program is 50$/month for you only!
(and you can cancel anytime)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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And then, all of a sudden, everything becomes possible.

Valentina impresses me as she rapidly and intuitively goes to the place where the person’s ​struggles are. And then she calls a spade a spade, but when doing so she is extremely warmhearted, respectful, and eye-opening. And then, all of a sudden, everything becomes possible.

Ansgar Rougemont-Bücking FMH Psychiatrist, Scientific senior resident

Valentina is incredibly authentic, effective and gifted.

This work is a gift, it is a huge gift. Valentina has that rare combination of an incredibly alive mind and an open heart. She speaks to both the head and the heart. All of us get stuck and that's ok, but when you find someone who can guide you to freedom you really want to tell your friends about it! If you are one of those people who feels a bit numb and distanced from both themselves and the world then consider what it would mean for you if you could genuinely reconnect with yourself and those around you. That's what's happening for me and I don't think I could have done it without a gifted guide. Valentina is one seriously gifted guide!

Matthew Godfrey

Feeling relieved and much more aware

Me before the session: frustrated with emotions and stuff I had no idea how to handle, feeling tossed and turned around and going through the notions.
Me after the session: feeling relieved and much more aware of what's actually going on with me, plus having tools that now I can use when I get triggered to handle the situation positively.
I so appreciate your help!

Gosia Potoczna Marketing Expert

A fantastic instrument for becoming the happy person that you wish to be

A must do - incredibly efficient and intuitive technique to work on reprogramming patterns of thought and behavior, which drain your health and energy in everyday life. A fantastic instrument for the work on personal development and for becoming the happy person that you wish to be.

In a very simple and intuitive manner, you can dissect the different "protectors" in your thought patterns, and engage with them.

Valentina has a natural and warm capability to create the necessary safe space and guide you through this process of self-discovery and healing.

Davor Kosanic Integrated Consciousness & Deep Ecology Expert

...where transformation and healing can happen

Valentina meets you exactly where you're at in any given moment and holds space for whatever arises on your journey into new and sometimes uncomfortable territory. Her energy and her ability to compassionately and gently guide you are true gifts and open up the path to a place where transformation and healing can happen.

Melanie Matjeschk

Are you ready to bring some WOW into your life?

To celebrate each and every year as your best one ever?
To hear, trust and follow the real you, without getting stuck ever again?

Join me in the W4W Membership Program for 50$ per month (you can cancel anytime).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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