Trainings and Experience

I have spent the last ten years researching and experimenting with several therapeutical models and healing modalities.

Some didn't do much, even though they were supposedly the gold standard of therapy. Others, less popular, were the key to changing my life in such profound and meaningful ways I didn't even imagine were possible.

These are the modalities I felt the need to train in and through which I bring the same shifts and transformational experiences to my clients.


Internal Family Systems, Level 1 & 2, Certification

Internal Family Systems is an innovative, effective, and evidence-based framework. It allows to delve into our subconscious in a conversational and yet  powerful way. Most importantly, it's a model that allows to heal (rather than manage) the wounds at the root of symptoms.

It has been called a "psychedelic without drugs": it guides to an altered state of consciousness in which powerful and transformative experiences are possible.

Internal Family Systems for Trauma and Addiction

Frank Anderson is a worldwide recognized name in the field of trauma, specifically in the neurobiology of dissociation and addiction.

In this training he shared his extensive knowledge of healing relational & attachment trauma (complex PTSD). 

Ketamine-assisted Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems is used as the leading model by many organizations researching and offering Psychedelic assisted psychotherapy like MAPS.

Robert Grant integrated IFS with the lesser known psychedelic called Ketamine - the safest to use among all psychedelics. 

In this 4 months long training I have learned his best practices and protocols. You can read more about Ketamine-assisted IFS overhere.

Compassionate Inquiry

Compassionate Inquiry is the therapeutical model developed by Gabor Maté.

It integrates with IFS in profound ways and deepens the work possible with individuals driven by powerful intellectual parts.

I deeply respect and appreciate the work of Gabor Maté and I've read most of his books. It seemed just natural to go deeper into the model he developed to compassionately inquire the mind to reach those places that are hidden away in the subconscious, and against which we built layers and layers of protection.

And yet... those are the places we need to access to heal, to reconnect to our heart and essence, and to ultimately feel whole.

Mindfulness with Tara Brach and Jack Cornfield

Mindfulness is an essential tool that allows our awareness to blossom, to notice what is happening inside of us, and to create that tiny bit of space to be with it, and consciously choose. 

Without that awareness, we are like leaves carried around by the wind... 

Research shows that more than 85% of decisions are made in the subconscious, and as Carl Jung said: "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate".

I have found Mindfulness to be the most powerful tool to nurture that awareness, and that ability to be with what is there, without judgement.

This is the place of loving presence in which IFS thrives.

MDMA Assisted Therapy

The official MAPS protocol for MDMA Assisted Therapy is a comprehensive and in depth tool to best facilitate healing experiences.

It guides through the importance of non-directive facilitation (for example models like IFS) and the many ways in which the therapist can guide without interfering with the inner intelligence of the individual: its knowing and wisdom about what needs to happen.

It clarifies how to assist in challenging moments and how to prepare and integrate such experiences.

MA in Leadership, Innovation & Change

My first interest for psychology came from the corporate management world: as a corporate manager in a Fortune 500 company, I became more and more interested in what it means to truly lead, in a way that fosters growth and joy in people, while at the same time supporting the growth of the organization. 

Everything I learned in this Master Degree became the foundation of my Business Coaching, later integrated with IFS, a very powerful combination for Executives, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs seeking for clarity, effective tools, and timely solutions to truly live their vision and potential.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT belongs to the larger umbrella of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Even though I'm not a huge fan of CBT (it's a bit like trying to persuade a whole beehive to fly to a safe place while talking with just one of the bees), I deeply appreciate the insights and human understanding at the core of the ACT methodology.

Some of the ACT tools  are effective in calming down overstressed parts, so that they have the ability to make space for the therapeutical healing to happen.

Other trainings

Here's a list of additional trainings I found particularly meaningful in my professional growth:

IFS for Chronic Pain (workshop) - Dick Schwartz

Integrating IFS and Psychedelics (training) - Robert Falconer

Trailheads to Transformation (training) - Dick Schwartz and Mariel Pastor

The gifts of our exiles in IFS (training) - Paul Neustadt

Working with children and adolescents with IFS (training) - Dick Schwartz and Pam Krause

IFS and parenting (workshop) - Leslie H. Petruk

Previous trainings:

Social Psychology
The science of Happiness
Evolutionary and Behavioral Psychology
Developmental Psychology



Working with Individuals

I have over a thousand hours of experience in working with individuals on a variety of topics.

The most common are anxiety, eating disorders, self-sabotaging behaviors, procrastination, an overall sense of disconnection from emotions, a need for clarity or purpose.


Working with Executives, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs

I have over 300 hours of experience in working specifically with executives, leaders, and entrepreneurs on topics that relate to their growth and wished path in their professional life.

The most common are self-doubt, lack of clarity about what comes next, relational problems on the workplace, fear of failing (or succeeding), procrastination, burnout, transformational leadership.


Working with Groups

Over the years I have worked with groups of people in different ways: I have hosted workshops (some educational, most as guided meditations to connect to Self, aliveness, and joy), online group coaching programs, and topic-specific group programs.

Continued education

I will never get to a point in which I will have "learned enough"... as learning is one of my very core passions. It's what makes me a better human being and a better professional. Below are the trainings I plan to attend in the next year or so.


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

I find myself exploring more and more approaches and modalities, and finding ways to integrate them in my practice.



In order to grow as a professional I regularly have supervision sessions with IFS professionals with decades of experience.


Somatic IFS

IFS is a somatic approach itself, originally integrating many aspects of Hakomi, another therapeutical model that is very somatic in nature.

Somatic IFS deepens on the somatic aspect of IFS, to allow parts to feel deeply felt, understood, and embraced.



A fantastic instrument for becoming the happy person that you wish to be

A must do - incredibly efficient and intuitive technique to work on reprogramming patterns of thought and behavior, which drain your health and energy in everyday life. A fantastic instrument for the work on personal development and for becoming the happy person that you wish to be.

In a very simple and intuitive manner, you can dissect the different "protectors" in your thought patterns, and engage with them.

Valentina has a natural and warm capability to create the necessary safe space and guide you through this process of self-discovery and healing.

Davor Kosanic - Integrated Consciousness & Deep Ecology Expert

...where transformation and healing can happen

Valentina meets you exactly where you're at in any given moment and holds space for whatever arises on your journey into new and sometimes uncomfortable territory. Her energy and her ability to compassionately and gently guide you are true gifts and open up the path to a place where transformation and healing can happen.

Melanie Matjeschk

Valentina is incredibly authentic, effective and gifted.

This work is a gift, it is a huge gift. Valentina has that rare combination of an incredibly alive mind and an open heart. She speaks to both the head and the heart. All of us get stuck and that's ok, but when you find someone who can guide you to freedom you really want to tell your friends about it! If you are one of those people who feels a bit numb and distanced from both themselves and the world then consider what it would mean for you if you could genuinely reconnect with yourself and those around you. That's what's happening for me and I don't think I could have done it without a gifted guide. Valentina is one seriously gifted guide!

Matthew Godfrey

Feeling relieved and much more aware

Me before the session: frustrated with emotions and stuff I had no idea how to handle, feeling tossed and turned around and going through the notions.
Me after the session: feeling relieved and much more aware of what's actually going on with me, plus having tools that now I can use when I get triggered to handle the situation positively.
I so appreciate your help!

Gosia Potoczna - Marketing Expert

And then, all of a sudden, everything becomes possible.

Valentina impresses me as she rapidly and intuitively goes to the place where the person’s ​struggles are. And then she calls a spade a spade, but when doing so she is extremely warmhearted, respectful, and eye-opening. And then, all of a sudden, everything becomes possible.

Ansgar Rougemont-Bücking - FMH Psychiatrist, Scientific senior resident
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