Psychedelics are a powerful catalyst.

And yet, they are not the magic pill many wish for.

Imagine being supported in your healing and exploration journey:

deepening, exploring, integrating in a safe, held space, where all your questions and doubts are answered, and where you can become the truest and most authentic version of YOU.

Being, and finally becoming.

An Invitation for you...

Whether you are a psychonaut and consciousness explorer seeking true understanding or wishing to heal old wounds... this is for you.

Explore, Integrate, Be, and Become

This is an invitation to something close to my heart, that I wish existed when I embarked in this journey myself, more than 10 years ago.

We all long for a vibrant life of ease and deeper fulfilment. 

For one reason or another, we found our way to psychedelics:

Why was it for you?

  • To explore what is hidden away, and find more meaning in this life... to truly understand what it is all about... to find answers to your questions?
  • As a way to get out of the inner prison keeping you watching life from the sidelines?
  • As a way to heal hidden wounds, or release childhood and inter-generational trauma?
  • As a way to feel whole and alive - again or for the first time. To feel deeply connected with the truth of who you are. To live with purpose and heart?
  • Or maybe you are just curious... wondering if it could truly help, but not sure how to get started?

At one time or the other, I have been all of the above.

At one time or the other, I have been deeply grateful for the insights and healing received, or utterly disheartened by the elusiveness of it all.

Inner exploration and healing are an integral part of the human experience and an ongoing journey.

We all encounter moments where something feels amiss, a missing understanding that feels like an itch, an awareness of healing that needs to unfold. The ache for completeness, to feel truly alive, and to step out of the labyrinth of our thoughts into the raw emotions of our being.

Psychedelics can be the most extraordinary experience.

But then what?

After those profound and cathartic experiences, the journey continues.

Sometimes in a disorienting and utterly confusing way.

How do you weave those insights into the fabric of your everyday life? 

How do you find and hold on that newfound ease and lightness?

  • How do you make sense of those out-of-this-world, hard-to-explain, mind-blowing, and sometime terrifying or blissful experiences? So that you do not only relate to them, but act out of them.
  • How do you integrate those deep insights and precious lessons into the business of you daily life? So that they don't fade away, but become your north star.
  • How do you know what's "the one" for you, and what to truly expect? So that you can trust and open yourself to the experience with trust and confidence.
  • How do you pick up the loose threads when they come back to you through vivid dreams and flashbacks? So that you can resolve and release what got stuck
  • How do you ensure it's not all lost after a couple of weeks of glowing aliveness? But becomes your new normal.
  • Ultimately, how do you reconnect to the truth of who we are, to the ease and awe that life can be, to the purpose of our being alive, and to the wholeness and aliveness you long for?


The Way Back Home

A place for you to safely explore the depth of who you truly are, reconnect to your core essence, and integrate it into your everyday life to become everything you long for.

The Way Back Home is a monthly Membership led by 2 experts in the fields of neuroscience (David), trauma healing (me, Valentina), and psychedelics (David & Valentina) - read more about us below, if this is the first time you hear about us.

It's a place to Explore, Integrate, Be, and Become. Together.

Unlike other memberships and courses, where you get a lot of valuable information but are left alone with your questions, we wish to co-create something that will truly support you on your journey.

We wish to be there for you the way that you need it the most.

Will you help us shape this home?

This is your invitation to become a Founding Member of The Way Back Home.

What to Expect

The What

All the tools, knowledge, and experiences to get to the roots of it all, and integrate it into who you are.

The Protocols

Ensure the safety and depths of your journeys with our preparation and integration protocols, guiding you through the before and after with wisdom and care.

The Integration Lab

LIVE integration sessions - immersive experiences to pick up and make sense of loose threads of psychedelic trips, so that you can embody the insights and healing - for good.

The Knowledge Lab

Experiential trainings of most transformational models for subconscious exploration (Internal Family Systems, Tapping - EFT, Mindfulness…)

The Exploration Lab

LIVE explorations of your inner wonderland to truly understand the roots of how you feel and behave:

  • explore of your most toxic beliefs 
  • witness how past events shaped who you are and why
  • help parts of your psyche to let go of old and damaging patterns
  • create trust within & reconnect to your core 
  • feel the knowing of who you are, and what feels right for you
The Rituals Lab

Daily & non-daily Rituals (meditations, guided imagery explorations, tapping & more) that are tailored for ongoing integration and for when things get tough.

The Holding and Support

Get an answer to your questions & doubts.

  • LIVE "Ask me anything" sessions 
  • Office hours - for more individual support
  • A community of fellow humans on the same journey

Why Founding Members?

Why You ?

Because it is for you...

Your voice matters, you matter!

And as a founding member you play a pivotal role in shaping the essence of this holding and expansive space.

How can you help?

Come as you are, at this point in your life.

Share your thoughts, questions, struggles, and aspirations.

Offer your feedback and don't be shy to ask for what you need.

Your input will be the guiding star as we co-create this space.

Founding Members - Your Benefits

Exclusive Pricing

As a founding member, you get the lowest price ever for as long as you choose to stay. 

It's my way of saying thank you for being the pillars of this sprouting community.

Co-Creation Magic

Have a say in what matters most to you. Your input will shape the content, discussions, and essence of our shared Home. 

Participate LIVE in workshops that will be availabe only as recordings later on.

Individual Onboarding

The first 30 people joining The Way Back Home as a  Founding Member will be invited for a 20 minute onboarding call with me, Valentina, so that you can share your needs, interests and ask questions.

Who we are


Hi, I'm Valentina, and my journey started with the desperate need to free myself from a constrictive inner cage, and from being a bystander of my own life.

I’ve made so many mistakes to get free, tried so many things, and got lost more times than I can count. 

The cornerstones of this journey of mine have been learning, experimenting, and expanding way beyond what I thought was possible.

What I feel strongly as my purpose it to help as many people as I can to become who they CAN become, so that together we can shape a better world.

What I do best is to feel potential in people. The same way I felt that potential in me and was so desperate to free.

What I wish the most is to walk that journey with you, to walk each other home.

You can find all the other details about my studies, certifications and trainings over here (with the certainty I'll never stop learning!).


Hi, I'm David, and my passion for consciousness and neuroscience started when I was still a teenager.

After studying medicine, while training in psychiatry, I joined Franz Vollenweier's lab at the Psychiatric University of Zürich where I researched consciousness and psychedelics for over 10 years.

My interests expand into philosophy, crypto-markets, mathematics and physics, the starry night and more things than I can list over here.

A deeper need for understanding the roots of consciousness and exploring the hidden corners of my subconscious have been my north star.

My curiosity and personal journey led me to extensive exploration and experimentation, to both explore consciousness, and to pursue the healing potential of Psychedelics.

What's next

After you join, come say hello!

#1 - Join the community

Our private community is ready to welcome you with love and joy. Come meet the others! 

#2 - Check the Events calendar

Choose what interests you the most and toss the rest: LIVE workshops, Q&As, Office Hours... 
We will kick off with LIVE workshops sharing our Preparation and Integration Protocols (in an experiential and immersive way) based on MAPS favourite model: Internal Family Systems.

#3 - Share your questions & needs

Your input will shape the content, discussions, and the very essence of our shared sanctuary. You can share via email, through a survey, or an onboarding call if you were among the first 30 to join.

Your Exclusive Pricing

Choose the plan that fits your needs the most: monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

After clicking on the Join Now button:

  1. you will be prompted to choose a payment plan and pay 
  2. you will be asked to create an account on our community platform - Heartbeat, which is where everything will happen!
  3. you will be guided to explore our shared space.

 See you inside!

per month


per quarter


per year


What if I don’t have any experience with psychedelics?

Then this is the right place for you. You will first get to gently explore your subconscious through safe yet powerful therapeutical models like Internal Family Systems and EFT, while at the same learning how to safely prepare, navigate, and integrate your future experiences.

I have very little time - is it worth it for me?

The Way Back Home will always be here for you and provide what you need the most in that specific moment. It might be that half an hour of connection with other fellow humans on your same journey, it might be the short version of the protocol to prepare or integrate an experience, it might that one piece of information that's missing. No matter how little time you have, you will always find something valuable to you in this journey of yours.

What if I can’t make the calls?

The calls will be recorded, with care and respect for the individual needs for privacy and safety. You will be able to watch the recordings or submit your questions in advance.

What if I don't have the money?

If you cannot afford joining, reach out to me. This is an inclusive space for anyone wishing to be a part of it, no matter their present financial situation.

More Questions?
Get in touch!

Still got questions?

Reach out to me via email or Telegram (@ValentinaManini)
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