Tuesday April 28th
2pm CET - 10pm AEST - 8am EST


The Science of Overcoming Anxiety

An insightful, actionable and evidence-based workshop to stop compromising and start living.

Sometimes we feeling trapped in the same corner of life for longer we care to admit.

Sometimes we feel as a bystander of our own life, incapable of pursuing with passion and energy our wishes, wants, dreams, projects...

And sometimes we still wonder those seemingly obvious questions: who I am really?
Why does it all feel so hard?!
Why do I keep sabotaging myself?!
Why do I keeping getting stuck?!

If that's how you feel, then this is for you. Whether anxiety is by your side constantly, or it pops-up occasionally just to keep you from what you long for the most.

Join me LIVE for what has been described as the most eye-opening and actionable workshop on anxiety.

Ask any question you have in the extensive Q&A session.

This is the workshop I wish existed when I was stuck in a life that felt unused, in which I felt invisible, stuck, and empy.

Here's what you will learn:

What is anxiety, really?

Learn what is the real root cause of anxiety, and why we often focus on the symptoms instead. Feel that AHA moment of clarity about the whys behind the life you are living and the way in which you are feeling.

You are not your anxiety

Get the most powerful bit of my framework explained in detail, so that you can finally unblend from the part of you who lives in fear, and embrace everything else that you are.

Rewire thoughts & emotions

Get two powerful tools to control your thoughts and emotions:
- the 3 fill-in-the-blanks sentences
that will reveal your toxic and limiting beliefs, so that you can rob them of their power;
- the ABC of emotions process to manage your negative emotions without feeling overwhelmed.

Overcoming anxiety

My whole framework to overcome anxiety, in all its details (including exercises and additional resources), so that you have the theory AND the action-plan to start living again in utter freedom.

Hello, I'm Valentina, your anxiety expert.

I lived with generalized anxiety and social anxiety for a long time… years I cannot get back. Years I wasted feeling paralized, numb and helpless.

Until I could not take it anymore. Until the idea of living like that my whole life pushed me to find a way out. In every possible way: therapy first, then research (an obsession really), courses, books, and extensive experimentation.

I turned into a neuroscience nerd, a consciousness explorer and, by putting together a myriad of puzzle pieces, I overcame my anxiety, and created that life of meaning, freedom, and expansion I was longing for.

This is what I will share with you: a simple framework in which there are no more puzzles to guess, but an intuitive and actionable process to get back in control of your mind, and leave this anxiety-crippled life behind.


About the workshop. About me.

Just wanted to say another thank you for your work on the workshop! I could relate to so much of what you were saying. I live mostly in my head and have felt disconnected from my heart and even my body at times. Thanks for helping me understand the journey of reintegrating and becoming more of who I really am. I feel moved by what you shared and taught.

I am more positive and understand myself and what triggers my anxiety a whole lot better.

Melisa Veillette

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