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The Awareness Uprising is a place for those people who naturally question what they are taught.
The way they perceive reality.
Their own thoughts and behaviours.

It's a place for those who don’t stop at right and wrong, but explore all the shades in-between.
For those who don’t see in black and white, but get overwhelmed by the whole spectrum of shades and colours.
For those who simply look at those sparkles of awe, beauty, and life that is everywhere.
For those who know there is more to life than family and society taught us as children.
For those who simply feel it. Deep down into their bones.
That slightest vibration, that almost silent whisper, threatening to explode into an earthquake, into a scream, if not heard.
The Awareness Uprising is a place for those who cannot ignore it, even as conditioned as we are to be LESS.
To conform to LESS. To believe that LESS is all that is possible.

This is a place to learn HOW to BE MORE:
- to rise above absorbed beliefs and human biases
- to find and live from your authentic self
- to shape a life you never have enough of, and with it shape a better world

The Awareness Uprising is a Free FB Group for people who long for something DIFFERENT.
Who long for concrete and evidence-based tools to elevate their life.
Who long for a community of like-minded people on the same journey to awareness and consciousness.

Are you one of us?
(I really hope so)

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