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March - Habit Tracking Template

We are wired to defend our Status-quo ferociously. Which means: unless we start changing something in our life, it's going to stay exactly as it is right now. No matter how we feel about it, or how much we ruminate on changing it.

The Habit tracker will help you keep track of whatever you want to become part of your life: meditation, gratitude, journaling, exercise, healthy cooking... whatever sparks that knowing that "this is what I need" to move on.

February - The Awareness Daily Practice Exercise

Your awareness: where it all starts & your most underused superpower!

Every human being is born with the extraordinary ability to develop awareness about pretty much anything. Awareness is at the roots of intentional and conscious living: it allows us to clearly see ourselves and our lives from a higher perspective, instead of ending up entangled and trapped in our sometimes corrosive patterns, thoughts and behaviours.

What is even more extraordinary? It takes as little as a few minutes a day to steadily grow your awareness. In just a few weeks this practice becomes second nature, and starts expanding the realm of what you can see, and what suddenly becomes clear.

January - The Self-confidence Booster Kit

Self-confidence is a fragment of what we call self-esteem.
Even though increasing your self-esteem is quite complex in nature, a higher self-confidence can be trained in a surprisingly easy way.

I experimented several methods (all evidence-based) when I became a Manager surrounded by testosterone-driven men.
I was too polite. I was too shy. I was intimidated easily.
I lacked the confidence to step-up and speak my mind.

In a matter of weeks, through the techniques and hacks I share in this guide, I fundamentally shifted the perception I had of myself in the workplace, and started behaving in a confident and yet authentic way.
 A change that was quickly acknowledged and led to a shift in the behavior of the people interacting with me as well.

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