Learn the evidence-based hacks that will get you back in control of your life, so that you can reconnect to who you truly are and shape a conscious life rooted in authenticity, fuelled by purpose and ignited by love.

More than 80% of our choices are made in the safe and hidden place of our subconscious.

Awareness is that very learnable skill needed to stop living in auto-pilot, in the illusion we are in control. In the illusion that our behaviours, thoughts and choices are the outcome of a rational and conscious process.

They are not.

In this video series you will get short 5-minute videos to start a wondrous journey into what makes us human, and into what makes you... YOU!

A never ending journey of growth, conscious living and inner discovery.

Here are some of the answers and hacks you will get in this course:
- 3 concrete ways to use awareness in your daily life
- the 3 sworn enemies of awareness
- the 2-minutes exercise that will grow your awareness on auto-pilot
- how to use awareness to deal with overwhelming emotions (the most popular of all!)
- 5 more video trainings!

Each video contains clear takeaways and an easy exercise to apply to your life right away.

About me, Valentina

Valentina Manini

Change Expert (MA), Certified Life Coach

I help quirky human beings embrace a never-ending journey of expansion and growth so that they can shape an extraordinary life rooted in connection, fuelled by purpose, and ignited by love.

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