​Break Free of your

Toxic Beliefs so that

you can Feel freaking Alive!

​Learn how to Spot and Outsmart your toxic beliefs so that you can ​
1. get the Clarity you need to take easier decisions
2. Connect to your heart-filling values
3. ​Shape a life rooted in meaning and purpose

Here's the who and when

About the ​Workshop

Hi, I’m Valentina.

Webinar Date & Time: 

Thursday 18th April


About me:

I'm Valentina, a neuroscience geek who went from crippling anxiety to a life that tastes like chocolate covered rainbows (whaaaat? you never had one of those?)
My superpower is to understand how people tick. I am obsessed with living a meaningful & purposeful life, and teaching how empowering and energising it feels to as many people as I can.

Here's the what

​LIVE exercises, ​practical examples and life-changing ​techniques

The 3 fill-the-blanks sentences you need to Spot the toxic beliefs you  absorbed as a child. The ones that are running the show of your life from the safe spot of your hidden subconscious, keeping you from what you crave the most 

- LIVE exercise -

The 3 essential brain-hacks you need to outsmart your toxic beliefs through cutting-edge neuroscience, so that you can break free of toxic thoughts, patterns and attitudes, and feel freaking alive. 

- LIVE exercise -

The 5 components of ​the Happiness Funnel that you need to be aware of, so that you can shape a life that tastes just right... or like chocolate covered rainbows! (because, why thinking small?

 - LIVE exercise -

Time left until Registration Closes:


This is a not a webinar, it's a hands-on ​workshop!

Once you claim your spot you will receive your Worksheet (no worries, we will fill it out LIVE).
​Make it an even better experience with
1. your favorite notebook and pen,
2. a homey beverage you love (give me a spiced tea anytime!) and...
3. an open and curious mind.

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