It's time to know and feel you are truly Wired 4 Wow.

Reconnect your mind and heart, so that you can shape a purpose-driven life: rooted in awareness, propelled by passion and ignited by love.


Change Expert (MA)

Certified Life Coach

It's time to embrace that journey your heart and bones long for. 

No matter what your mind thinks.

You know it. And you feel it. 

You don't know when it happened. When your mind and heart disconnected from each other. When the mind stopped listening to the heart, and started doing what others wanted, expected and asked for.

When your dreams became impractical and unrealistic.

When your time stopped being yours.

When your thoughts turned into sharp blades.

When you lost clarity of what you deeply need.

When it all turned into a life in auto-pilot. A life of habits and automatism. Without that bubbling energy. Without that crystal clear purpose. Without that igniting inner fire.

Or with some of it. Here and there. And yet NOT enough.

This is that journey you long for.

That journey you have been looking for in the immensity of the world wide web.

That journey that doesn't promise a miraculous 8-week-program to life transformation.

This is a journey that takes its time.

Because it's that journey back to authenticity. Back to who you were before your mind and heart disconnected.

It's a journey of reconnection.

To your true self

To your true emotions.

To your authentic being.

To your conscious living.

To your loved ones.

To your fulfilling life.

To your heart-felt dreams.

To your true purpose.

To inner peace.

Away from overwhelm.

Away from self-doubt.

Away from that harsh inner voice.

Away from invisibility.

Away from corrosive habits.

Away from disconnection.

Away from toxic thoughts.

Away from what corrodes instead of nurturing.

Away from what rushes life instead of savouring it.

Away from that not feeling enough.

It's the only journey that matters.

The one to a happy and conscious life.

The one to a reconnected heart, in which you choose in the true awareness of the person you are.

In which you have clarity and direction.

In which you simply know what is right or wrong for you.

In which you are back in charge, and have the courage and grit to steer your life wherever you want it to.

In which everything in your life is aligned to your true values, rooted in connection, fuelled by passion and ignited by love.

This is THAT journey.

About me: Valentina

After a successful career as a corporate manager in a Fortune 500 organisation, I checked all those boxes I thought would have brought me to happiness (successful career, amazing house, my soul-mate). Only to feel exactly the same crippling anxiety, the same restlessness of being, the same inability to feel good in my own skin.

And so I embarked into this journey to happiness, just to realise it is an inside job. In the process I became a Change Expert (MA), an awareness-junkie and a consciousness explorer. I shed anxiety, binging (food, TV series, games), irrational fears and beliefs. I became obsessed with life. With that kind of life that have you jump out of bed in excitement (yes, even if you are a parent of twins as I am). 

The kind of life I have been living for the last several years, and that I want to teach to as many other restless human beings I can.

Because if *I* can, *you* can.

Ansgar Rougemont-Bücking

FMH Psychiatrist, Scientific senior resident

Valentina impresses me as she rapidly and intuitively goes to the place where the person’s struggles are. And then she calls a spade a spade, but when doing so she is extremely warmhearted, respectful, and eye-opening. And then, all of a sudden, everything becomes possible.

One-of-a-kind journey.

Not one of those miraculous frameworks you find advertised everywhere.

The 4-weeks to life transformation.

This is a journey that will stick for longer than a few weeks.

One that will last a lifetime. 

#1 Because I'm tired of the miracle-sellers.
#2 Because I'm tired of people thinking there's something wrong with them, just because nothing changed in 4 weeks.

Because 4 weeks? Really?!

That's not how your mind works.

That's not the time it takes.

Because those very physical dents in your brain take time to subside and leave space to new ones. The ones that will guide you to a life of conscious choices. Of free will. Of true control over the life you want to shape.

It's a journey that takes its time.

And yet. 

It's the journey that reconnects you to your heart. To your true self.

The journey that will teach you how to find it over and over again, even through when overwhelmed by the unpredictability of life. 

The journey through which you will find what truly ignites your heart.

So that you can shape that life you know you crave.

So that you can steer your life wherever it feels right.

In the knowing of what is true to you.

In the sensing of your heart-filling values.

Reconnect your mind and heart.

So that you can live in the knowing of what is true to you and finally turn the whispers of your true self into the clear and gentle voice of your purpose-driven heart.

So that the most important areas of your life will reconnect as well.


Your Self-acceptance and Self-love

Once upon a time, you knew everything you were, intuitively.
Once upon a time, you were a passionate, all-in, courageous and proud little human being. You were speaking your truth, hearing your voice, and stubbornly going through life with passion and determination.

Until you learned that those were the wrong things to do.
Until you decided that in order to fit-in, and be accepted, you had to change. Until that change created a dissonance that needed to be silenced.
Until all that was silenced, was YOU.
And so you forgot what true acceptance is and how true self-love feels like. You forgot how to feel your heart, and listen to your core.

You instinctively know that many of the answers you are looking for lay there, in what you have forgotten, and yet it's so hard to GET there, and STAY there, if not for some fleeting moments. Before life takes over.

What if you could reconnect to everything you have been, once upon a time? What if you could rediscover that passion and pride? Those sparkles of uncontainable joy? That determination to just be YOU. To just feel happy.


Your true voice and self

Not much matters in life when we feel alone, betrayed and misunderstood by our loved ones, or unlovable and unloved.

And so we live from a clenched heart and stomach. 

We struggle to find clarity and balance between what others want and what we truly want.

Because when our own voice is unclear, hesitant and a little lost, the noise of all the other voices asking, telling, and wanting becomes overwhelming.

What if you could learn to hear your own voice with clarity? What if you had all the grit and assertiveness you need to state clear boundaries? What if you could tell apart your voice from others?


Your nurturing relationships

How often do we care about what others think? Sometimes even strangers! People we will never meet again in our lifetime. We are simply wired like that, and for reasons that used to be valid... those several thousand years ago!

We are wired to obsessively care about what others think about us, about fitting-in (even when it's the last thing we truly want), to feel accepted (even if it cancels us out) and to please others (just because).

But what are the relationship that truly nurture you? The ones that make you smile? Feel loved. Feel whole. Feel not just good enough, but feel the totality of the sparkling heart beating in your chest.

What if you could listen to your heart and bring your true self into those relationships? To give so much that your heart may explode, while being able to get as much? Without canceling yourself out?

Without being scared?

Without having to protect, prevent, overthink, expect and worry SO much?

What if you could bring unconditional love in those relationships?

How reconnected, loved and whole would you feel?


Your Heart-filling purpose

When your mind and heart reconnect, when you start hearing your true voice and self, when you start embracing who you truly are, and everything that nurtures you, a kind of magic also happens. You start burning with passion. You get clear on what truly matters to you. You finally feel your life-purpose, in all its vitalising energy, pulling motivation, and never ending love. Because nothing generates more love than you pursuing what truly speaks to your heart.

Listen to that whisper in your heart.

Feel it, and follow it.

Do the right thing for YOU.

You will start the one journey your heart and bones are longing for.

The one into feeling vs avoiding.

Into listening the whispers of your heart vs silencing them.

Into reconnecting mind and heart.

Into understanding all the parts that make you, YOU.

Into getting back the control of your thoughts, behaviours and life.

Into feeling fully alive. Into living a conscious, joyful life rooted in purpose and true connection.

What Are You Waiting For?

If not now, then when?

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