The 5 powerful ways to melt overwhelm into thin air and let clarity shine through

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Ditch the overwhelm and let clarity shine through

The 2-hour process to discover and actualize the 3 heart-aligned goals that will ignite your life

​This is exactly for you IF...

  • ​you are tired of the overwhelm and want clarity and direction to guide your decisions towards a purpose-driven life
  • you want to be able to see through the randomness cluttering your inner world, at any given point!
  • you have a hard time to sort through all the projects, dreams, people and activities you love
  • ​you want your life to be driven by what really matters to you instead of what overwhelms you the most


​A life ​of clarity and direction, connected to what matters the most to your heart.

A “knowing”, as light as a feather carried by a gentle breeze in a sunny spring day.
The “knowing” of what you deeply need.
Of what is right to do.
Of what is the direction, as if you grew a compass -connected to your heart - showing the way:
 the one to a better life.

Such is the power of clarity.

Such is the power of knowing what you deeply care about, without getting lost in all the clutter of life.
In connection to your heart and mind.
In the “knowing” of being in constant motion towards all that matters, instead of living in autopilot.

​Clarity and ​Direction

​A life in which your doubts dissipate like snow heated by the sun​. In which ​you have clarity​:

  • you have a process to follow whenever you feel lost and overwhelmed
  • you know the way. How to follow it, and find it again, at any given time
  • Even though you cannot erase the randomness from your life, it feels less of a burden when your intent is clear.



​You are connected to what ignites your heart, propels your mind and nurtures your soul.

So that:

  • you are always connected to ​what truly matters to you
  • you nurture yourself with what you really love and want in life
  • you ​feel grounded and present

​Energy and Drive

​A purpose driven life means more energy and the drive to make your dreams true:

  • you have an inner compass guiding you in the direction that is right for ​you
  • ​your ​see the endless opportunities surrounding you​, ​able to catch them on the fly, or let them go, knowing you stayed true to what matters
  • ​​a new energy burns in your heart​, rooted in passion and meaning

Hi, I'm Valentina

Change Expert (MA), Life Coach

​I spent 15 years of my life ​fighting anxiety and lost in avoidance, pursuing a career in the Corporate environment.

Until I decided to stop blaming myself for how I felt. Instead I accepted it and started to look for clarity, direction and purpose. My life purpose is to share how to as many people as I can, because that's how we can all shape a better world.

​The 3-steps process:


​Step 1 - Your 3 heart-aligned goals

​A 30 minutes process to declutter your mind and get clarity on what matters the most to you.


​Step 2 - Your realistic action Plan

​Sometimes knowing is not enough. Life doesn't get any less packed with things to do and ​responsibilities to take care of.

Planning primes your brain in a very fundamental way: it IS going to happen. No matter what.


​Step 3 - ​Hacks for extraordinary Focus

​These hacks ​will get you unstuck ​when necessary. They will bring back perspective and focus when life will try hard to get you off track.

They will create a daily routine centered on what really matters to you, so that everything else will feel a little easier, and you will not loose connection to what matters.


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