Ketamine-assisted IFS: evidence-based, safe,


If you are curious about what Internal Family Systems and Ketamine can do for you, book a free 30-minutes free consultation.

Why Ketamine and IFS

Ketamine is a lesser known psychedelic medicine. It has been widely used as an anaesthetic for decades, and its safety and effects have been extensively studied and assessed.
It is, right now, the safest psychedelic medicine available.
IFS - Internal Family Systems - is an evidence-based and effective model to get to the roots of painful emotions, self-sabotaging behaviors, anxiety and depression. The IFS process leads to an altered state of consciousness in which the subconscious can  be safely explored.
IFS and Ketamine work together in wonderful ways, already at low Ketamine doses.

How It Works


The first step is to book a free consultation with me. During this call we will discuss your present situation and whether Ketamine-assisted IFS could help. If so, we will continue with the following steps.


A few preparation sessions will be scheduled in advance. These sessions are based on the Internal Family Systems model and will be fundamental in:

- helping you understand they whys behind your present situation

- welcoming a calm feeling of compassion towards yourself

- connecting more and more deeply with your core and inner wisdom

- getting to know the protecting parts of your personality, so that the Ketamine experience will be allowed rather than resisted.


At the end of the preparation, we will schedule a first 2-hour Ketamine session. The Ketamine will be administered with an intranasal dispenser. In this first session we will start with a psycholytic (low dose) Ketamine dose - in gradual steps - to assess the individual's sensitivity to the medicine, and to find the most effective dose: the one in which a soothing sense of calm helps the system to relax and allow, so that traumatic or problematic inner experiences can be accessed, reprocessed, and resolved.


One or more integration sessions will follow, to embrace and integrate all that needs to be seen, felt, and healed. 

More than one psycholytic Ketamine sessions are usually needed in a healing journey, depending on the individual's needs.

If needed, the possibility of a psychedelic (high dose) Ketamine session can be evaluated and discussed. Such sessions are 4 hours long, and include an intramuscular (IM) injection of a high dose of Ketamine to induce the so called "mystic" experiences, in which near death, out of body, and ego dissolution become possible. 
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