Journey Into Self

An expansive and revealing journey into the depth of your subconscious to deeply feel into your essence, life energy, and inner knowing.


Valentina Manini

Join me in a wondrous exploration of your inner wonderland.

The Journey

The Journey into Self is a Guided Imagery Journey that will guide you into the depth of who you are, and deeply connect you with your essence.

All parts are welcome

In this Journey we will welcome all parts of you. They might show themselves as emotions, images, sensations, or movements.

Each one has an important message to deliver, but it's often hard to listen to their whispers in our busy life.

This is the perfect place to welcome these messages and bring peace their messengers.

the you that is not a part

You will connect with your Essence: the you that is not a part.

The you that is called with so many different names: Core, Soul, Self, Wisdom, Knowing.

In this journey your Essence will emerge spontaneously, bringing with its many qualities: compassion, clarity, confidence, calm, connectedness, courage, curiosity.

Grounded in you

You will emerge from this Journey with a renewed sense of aliveness and connection with who you really are. 

You will feel calm and grounded.

You will feel clarity and confidence.

valuable InsightS

You might notice parts of you with unmet needs and strong emotions.

This is a safe place to welcome and reassure them.

To allow for emotions and sensations to arise. To allow for fears and doubts to simmer. 

To be with them all, feeling how they are parts of you, and yet not your totality.

A Vivid experience

This is an intense Journey into your inner wonderland: you will see images and landscapes, travel to new places, feel emotions and bodily sensations, embrace your ambivalences, expand into outer space and at the same time root yourself into the safety of the earth.


You will share this experience with a small group of  fellow humans: as curious and adventurous as you are.

You will enrich each others experience in many subtle ways. 

What to expect

From welcoming you, journeying together, sharing, and getting to know each other.

Welcome and intro

I'll be welcoming you, and show you around the place.
You will make yourself comfortable and find a nice and cosy spot.

The Journey

The Journey will last for about 75 minutes. All emotions, movements, and expressions are welcome.

You will be able to choose a pillow to sit on, but feel free to bring your own yoga mat. Please bring your own water bottle.


You will have the chance to share something meaningful from your journey, or simply listen to the others. At the very end you are welcome to stay a bit longer, have a little snack, ask questions, or meet the other participants.

Hello, I'm Valentina

I'm a Change Expert (MA), Certified Internal Family Systems Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach.

What started as a journey into my own healing from generalized anxiety became a longing to belong. To me. To others. To this world and life. Ultimately to this feeling of joyful expansion that life *can* be.

From there came my wish to show others how to embrace the totality of who they are, so that they can live an intentional and joyful life expanding and flowing into everything they long for.

I hope you will join me in this peculiar and expanding Journey Into Self.

Register for the journey on September 8th

The following Journey Into Self will happen on September 8th at 18:30,
in the Group Room (floor -1) in Obere Zäune 14, Zürich.
The room can accommodate 14 people.










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