30 ways to unleash your divine feminine power!

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- What's Inside the PowerKit -

​Reconnect to your Inner Core

  • Start the most important conversation of all, the one with yourself: the earth-shattering (yes, really) exercise you need to reconnect to what really matters to you, and create the meaningful change ​​you need to live ​in inner peace and balance
  • ​Reconnect to your inner core, so that ​​you have all the clarity you need to run a business rooted in your authenticity, and a never ending source of love, support and motivation

​Life-Changing Brain-Hacks

  • Gain awareness of the toxic beliefs, thoughts, behaviors and attitudes you are living by, day after day​: raise your awareness and reclaim your freedom of choice
  • Get the most powerful Brain-Hack for the time starved: the 1 ​question you need to ask yourself to get ​instant clarity​ on what to do next, so that you are never stuck

Daily practice and prevention

  • The 5 minutes daily practice ​that will keep you focused on what really matters, boost your productivity, and ​naturally lead to a more healthy​ and balanced life
  • ​The 5 burnout warning signs you need to be aware of so that you can ​take action ​before it's too late
" Only in Awareness and Truth lays our very human ability to Choose our present and Shape our Future " - Valentina Manini -
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