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Events: in-person

These events happen in-person at Obere Zäune 14, Zürich (CH). 

For more details on each event please find detailed information below.

August 24th at 18:15 to 20:30 - IFS-based Integration Circle (English) - tickets here

TBD July 2023 - Cacao Ceremony, Journey Into Self, and SoundBath - a full day retreat to connect with all that is within: join the interest list to be the first one to know about it and a 20% priority discount! Just email me with the subject line #Cacao and IFS.

An expansive and revealing journey into the depth of your subconscious to deeply feel into your essence, life energy, and inner knowing.

A guided journey of integration into the imagery, sensations, and symbols of your psychedelic experiences to create meaningful and lasting shifts in your life.

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