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March 21, 2024 - Online

Workshop - How to use psychedelics for healing

Join this workshop to go deeper into the topic of using Psychedelics for healing. We will discuss:

  • why we need healing in the first place, and what's the role of psychedelics in that journey 
  • how different substances support healing in fundamentally different ways and what risks are associated - I will go more in the details regarding Ketamine, Psilocybin, MDMA, Ayahuasca, and 5-MeO-DMT (Bufo).
  • a short overview of the Safety Protocol (Set, Setting, Integration).
  • any topics that might emerge from your questions.
April, 23rd, 2024 - 18:30-20:00  Online

Integration Circle - Guided Imagery Meditation & Sharing Circle

In this Integration Circle, I will guide you through a longer Guided Imagery Meditation (around 40 minutes):

  • the first part will allow for deeper relaxation and connection to the earth, the universe, and your essence
  • the second part will guide you to invite the loose thread of a psychedelic (or life) experience to emerge - a sensation, an image, a fragment, a bodily sensation, a thought needing attention.
  • the third part will guide you into making sense of and continuing the journey in a safe and contained way.
  • at the end of the meditation, there will be an open sharing circle - with no obligation to share

The process is based on the Internal Family System model (MAPS favorite), but no previous knowledge of the model is needed.

May TBD, 2024 - Online

Journey Into Self - Subconscious exploration to meet and relax your inner critic.

In this inner exploration, you will be guided through a longer Guided Imagery Meditation (around 40-60 minutes) in which you will get to meet the part of your psyche responsible for harsh and critic thoughts, with the intention to:

  • Meet this part of your psyche and experience it in a unique way.
  • Deeply connect and witness the reason why it behaves the way it does
  • Witness and let go of the inter-generational burden you have been carrying and discover where it comes from
  • Invite the inner critic to expand into its other qualities like being a compassionate advisor

The process is based on the Internal Family System model (MAPS favorite), but no previous knowledge of the model is needed.
This experience can be intense for some people, as traumatic material might emerge. 

May TBD, 2024 - Online

Workshop - Protocol for psychedelic integration  

This workshop is the first part of a few workshops sharing the protocol to integrate your experiences: making sense of them, and integrating the insights and learnings into your daily life.

The protocol is based on the MAPS protocol and the Internal Family System model (no previous knowledge of the model is needed).

April/May TBD, 2024 - In-Person

Social Gathering

Together, we thrive. Together, we belong. Together, we have fun :-)

Join us in a fun and casual evening of interesting discussions and exchanges with like minded people.

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