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The Different Types of Urgency Campaigns You Can Create
By Valentina Manini
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Shift your mood, whenever you need it.

#1  – uplift your mood in 15 minutes

#2  – embrace and nurture the totality of who you are

#3  – reconnect to your wow and wisdom in just 5 minutes

My most powerful Guided Visualizations available anytime, from anywhere.

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Guided Visualizations

3 Lessons

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Five minutes to reconnect to your uniqueness, your wow, and inner wisdom. So that you can feel more YOU, so that you can remember what matters the most, so that you can get back to clarity, and feel grounded in your everyday life. Let your mind drift away in this short magical visualization.

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Sometimes we get dragged into a down spiral of worry, doubt, negativity, and bleh. This 15-minutes visualization will leave you in a bubble of positive emotions, and fill up your heart with the clarity and energy of what matters the most. 

Our hectic lives often leave us with a feeling of scarcity, as if a part of us is not getting enough.... love, adventure, art, music, meaning, self-care.This visualization sees and hears all your parts, so that you can feel whole, loved, and accepted. So that you are reminded of what you need the most, and how to gift it to yourself.

About the Teacher

Valentina Manini

Hello, I'm Valentina! I'm a Change Expert (MA), Certified Life Coach, and IFS Practitioner.
I'm also a multi-passionate, consciousness explorer, mother of twins, and life-obsessed human being.

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