Do you struggle with anxiety?

Anxiety sucks.

It robs us of our most precious gift: our life.

What sucks even more?

The confusion, misinformation, hopelessness, suffering, loneliness and stigma surrounding it - and YES, I know it first hand, as I lived through it all.

I created a Masterclass I wish existed when I was looking for my way out of anxiety.

There are many solutions to anxiety. And yet. 

The information are scattered and incomplete. 

And really difficult to verifyespecially if you don't know your way around researching published journal papers, don't know how to tell good evidence from crappy evidence (which I love doing), or simply enough, don't have the time.

What is even harder than anxiety itself?

To figure out which solution will work for you, for the person that YOU are.

The Anxiety, Rewired 


An overview of research-validated solutions that work & how to identify the BEST one for *you*, so that you can control your anxiety and rewire your lifefor good.

Let's do just that.

Grab your seat to the Anxiety, Rewired Masterclass

A solution to your anxiety is not out of reach.

It's not complicated.

It's not impossible.

And yet. It's hard to find.

Let's find it together.

November 7th 2019

at 7pm CET/GMT +2

1pm EST - 10am PTS

* lifetime access to the recording *

A one-time fee of  37$

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In this Masterclass you get:

The solutions - all of them

an exhaustive and easy to understand breakdown of research-validated solutions - the ones that work for real, even the ones you don't hear in the news.

Extensive Q&A

ask me any question you have at the end of the Masterclass - I'll be answering questions for a full hour.

*Your* ONE solution

apply my Solution-Identification Framework LIVE, together with me, to get clarity on the solution that fits you the best - because it WILL work, even if you believe that your anxiety is forever.

Replay + action-focused Planner

Nothing ever happens without consistent action. We will find your way out together LIVE. You will follow through with a powerful action-focused Planner and have lifetime access to the Masterclass recording.​​

Scroll down for more details on the specific topics covered in the Masterclass.

Join ME and thousands of anxiety-free people all over the world.

I was crippled by anxiety for over fifteen years.

Generalised anxiety. Social anxiety. Whatever these labels mean.

At the time I didn't even realise that's what it was. I thought there was something wrong with me. And that was it.

Honestly? I think that was part of the reason why I could find MY way-out.

I did not focus on a label.
I  did not focus on a mental-illness diagnosis that feels like a sentence.

A diagnosis that fills the internet with all possible opinions, and their very opposite.

Instead, I focused on how to stop feeling the way I did.

On how to stop feeling trapped and clenched and restless and on the verge of screaming my pain out.

All I wanted was to feel ALIVE. 

Not only I rediscovered what feeling alive truly feels. I found so much more: purpose, inner peace, presence, self-love, and a never ending stream of passion, energy and love.

I spent hundreds of hours knowledge-hoarding and researching. Everything that seemed relevant: the science behind anxiety, behavior, biases, limiting beliefs, evolutionary wiring, stoicism, happiness and so much more.

I went from feeling stuck and scared to embracing life with my whole heart.

But I'm not the only one.

The world is filled with people who once HAD anxiety.

And there's no better proof than real data:

You share anxiety with 18% of the population every year (just in the US).
Anxiety is highly treatable and yet only 36.9% of affected people are getting treatment.
(data source: The Depression and Anxiety Association of America)

I created this Masterclass to provide clear and accurate information on ALL research-validated solutions to anxiety.

To help you find the BEST fit for the person that YOU are.

Because your anxiety CAN be treated.

You just need the right solution for the person you are.

The Masterclass Topics

Here's what we will be talking about during the Masterclass, so that you know exactly what to expect.

  1. 1
    We start with a very short introduction on what anxiety IS. So that we ensure we are all on the same page. No myths. No BS. Just plain science.
  2. 2
    We overview the many research-validated solutions to anxiety.  Some that you probably know, and some that you may not. From self-help resources (the ones that work) to therapy (because not all therapy and especially not ALL therapists can help). From strange methods (like the Kim Hof Method) to psychedelic supported therapy. From medication to Biofeedback. I will not leave any stone uncovered! Some will resonate with you, some will not. And that's GOOD.
  3. 3
    It's time to find out which approach BEST fits the person that YOU are. Because they don't ALL work with EVERYONE. You will do a LIVE guided assessment that will clarify what are the best approaches for you. I promise you will find at least one, if not more, that you will feel comfortable with. 
  4. 4
    I will introduce your action-focused Planner. So that this Masterclass will be followed by concrete action and truly begin your journey out of anxiety and back to freedom, so that you can get back in control of your life.
  5. 5
    What is a Masterclass without a Q&A. Ask me anything. I'll be answering questions for as long as a full hour. Send your questions in advance or ask them LIVE: whatever works for you. 

Valentina Manini  //  Change Expert (MA), Life Coach

Knowledge-hoarder, research-junkie, consciousness-explorer and life-optimisation coach. 

I spent 15 years of my life with crippling anxiety, incapable of feeling good in my own skin. I felt empty, exhausted, trapped and constantly dissatisfied. ​

I checked all the boxes I thought would make me happy. But no matter how many boxes I checked, I kept feeling the same shades of empty. Binging on whatever I could.

Until I had enough. Until feeling ALIVE became my only obsession. Until I devoted all my free time to finding a way-out.

And so my journey started. It took 3 years of research and experimentation. I found my way out of anxiety and SO much more.
Since then I brought my curiosity to another level: to understanding what it means to he human, and how to hack our way to a purpose-driven and conscious life.


With the Masterclass


You will get clarity on the many solutions to anxiety that truly work

No more guesswork on whether this or that technique are just a hype of the moment, or are validated through rigorous research data.

No more feeling frustrated by the lack of actionable information, or overwhelmed by the sheer amount of internet pages talking about anxiety.

Clarity, for good.


You will know exactly where to start from

No more guessing IF a solution will work for you.

You know exactly where to start from. You have the knowledge, confidence and plan to take that next step. The one to finally get back in control of your life.


You will have an action-focused plan

A plan that fuels and motivates you to take the few steps between a life crippled by anxiety and a life of freedom and joy.


1 : 1 Life-Assessment session with me

An optional 40 minutes call with me to assess which areas of your life need the most attention, and an action plan bring them back to balance.

The *Emotions, Rewired* Masterclass

In this Masterclass I will share with you a powerful evidence-based model to rewire the relationship with your emotions, so that you can listen to, trust and follow your inner truth.

Join the Anxiety, Rewired Masterclass

An overview of research-validated solutions that work & how to identify the BEST one for *you*, so that you can control your anxiety and rewire your lifefor good.

Let's do just that.

November 7th 2019

at 7pm CET/GMT +2

1pm EST - 10am PTS

* lifetime access to the recording *

A one-time fee of  37$

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Checkout                    

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are disappointed by the Masterclass, you will get a refund. That's it.


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© 2019, Valentina Manini

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