Numb. Empty. Purposeless.

I was all those things.

Once upon a time.

A time in which I was stuck in that same corner of life I so wanted to escape from.

Feeling hopeless.

As if a black hole was devouring me from the inside.

Incapable of starting or finishing anything. A wave of anxiety washing over me every time I got excited about anything. An idea. A project. A dream. A wish.
Crumbling inside whenever I was alone.

Was that ALL there was to life?

What was so wrong with me I could not figure things out like everyone else?

Or be happy for what I already had? A successful career in a Fortune500 company. A beautiful apartment in my dream country.

A quality of life I never dreamt of, because I didn’t think it was possible! I had all that, and every time I got home from work, alone, I felt like jumping out of my skin…

Until all that was trapped in me exploded in the NEED to start feeling, and stop numbing.

In this need to understand all the whys.
In this need to FREE myself from that inner cage.
Of questions without an answer.
Of blame and shame.
And black holes.

When did it start for you?

That nudging of being.
That pull towards MORE, even if everything you have learned is how to be LESS. To feel LESS.

When was that turning point in your life?

I'd SO love to know!

The journey that started with me wanting to FEEL, became an obsession towards understanding what makes US human.

Why do we get trapped in inner cages, dreadful spirals, helpless pits and black holes?

And how do we get free?

Through that journey, I became a neuroscience nerd, a consciousness explorer, and embraced my polymath nature.

Out of the anxiety trap

I extensively researched all the whys behind generalized anxiety and life avoidance, and even got an MA on the science of leading change in organizations to deepen my understanding.

It became an ever expanding rabbit hole into our very human wiring, coping mechanisms, and  self-sabotaging behaviors.

Into the core of who we truly are

I explored my consciousness with any means: through altered states of consciousness and evidence-based approaches.

To find unconditional love, acceptance and compassion. And to understand how to bring others to that same place: our core, essence, and true self.


Because when that connection is restored, something extraordinary happens: clarity and joy replace confusion and dread.

We learn to embrace expansion over contraction.

Curiosity over fear.

Courage over avoidance.

Feeling over numbing.

Connection over disconnection.

My heart-filling purpose is to show as many people as I can how to embrace the totality of who they are, so that they can live an intentional and spacious life of expansion.

How do you want to FEEL in your life?

How do you feel instead?

What you long for, whether it's clear or not, is just a conversation away.

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