Hey You! I'm glad we found each other.

Here's what I do in a nutshell:

I craft wondrous and revealing journeys into the subconscious to heal what is hidden away, so that you can live this one life on earth with ease, as the person you truly are, and a heart-filling sense of purpose and wholeness.

I work mostly with IFS - Internal Family Systems: an innovative, effective, and evidence-based framework for personal, relational, and societal change.

How I can help:

Overcome your anxiety and self-sabotaging behaviors with IFS.

You are not your anxiety. You are SO much more than that. Let me show you how to get back in control of your life without the fear, dread and paralysis, so that you can find that aliveness and joy you are longing for.

I could do it, and I know you can as well.

Ketamine-assisted IFS for healing

An increasing amount of evidence supports how psychedelic substances work as catalysers in the healing process. 

Ketamine's safety, limited duration, and outcomes integrate with Internal family systems in wonderful ways, allowing to get to the very roots of what is in the way of a joyful and expansive life.

Ketamine-assisted IFS for creativity & higher thinking

Ketamine works as a catalyser and allows for increased out-of-the-box thinking, creativity, and higher thinking.

It's linked to an heightened ability to connect things, find new paths and solutions, and see things from new - previously invisible - perspectives.

Hello, I'm Valentina

I'm a Change Expert (MA), Internal Family Systems Practitioner, and Certified Life Coach.

I'm also a multi-passionate, neuroscience-geek, mother of twins, and life-obsessed human being.

I combine the latest knowledge in neuroscience and evolutionary, developmental, behavioral psychology with the most effective and evidence-based methodologies (IFS, Polyvagal theory, Trauma processing, Memory re-consolidation, Altered states of consciousness) to bring lasting joy, presence, and meaning into our human lives.

They Say

Matthew Godfrey


"Valentina is incredibly authentic, effective and gifted.

Valentina has that rare combination of an incredibly alive mind and an open heart. She speaks to both the head and the heart.

Valentina is one seriously gifted guide!"

Ansgar Rougemont-Bücking

FMH Psychiatrist, Scientific senior resident

"Valentina impresses me as she rapidly and intuitively goes to the place where the person’s struggles are. And then she calls a spade a spade, but when doing so she is extremely warmhearted, respectful, and eye-opening. And then, all of a sudden, everything becomes possible."

The Blog

This is my version of a beautiful meditation in the Internal Family Systems Skills Manual. It allows to

Meditation – Explore and Feel your Heart

Do you feel stuck? Restless? A bit numb?

Do you know exactly where you want to be in life, but feel stuck, restless and keep sabotaging yourself in ways that don't make any sense?

Or maybe you are in your 30s or 40s, and still have no idea about what you want from life... or who you truly are for that matter, while everyone around you seems to have figured it out already?

Or maybe you are a seeker. You have a job everyone is jealous about, you have achieved a lot in your life... and yet you still feel that restlessness... that numbness... that inability to truly FEEL IT in your heart.

I feel you... I really do. 

In my own journey I  went down the rabbit hole of  why we so often settle for LESS. Why we cannot get to what we truly want, deep into our heart. Why we use guilt, shame, and self-sabotaging behaviors to keep us away from it all, in that never ending list of "should" or "must" do,

It took me a decade to realize we ALL possess the grit, awe and wonder it takes to turn stardust into anything we can imagine in our extraordinary minds.

If only we are taught how.

If only we stumble upon the right tools.

If only we allow ourselves the grace to feel into everything we can be-come.

Is this a life that makes you feel joy, inner peace, freedom, and wholeheartedness?

If the answer is NO, then you are in the right place, because this is what I do. 

I'd love to help you get there.

Because you matter.

Because there is nothing wrong with you.

Because you are a unique brew of wonder and stardust.

Is anxiety a part of your life? Then this is for you...

An insightful, actionable and evidence-based workshop to stop compromising and start living.

This workshop is everything I have learned, researched and tried in my own journey out of generalized anxiety and binge eating disorder:

--> It will fundamentally change the way you see and understand anxiety.
--> It will provide actionable and evidence-based tools and exercises.

--> It's free for you to watch (and no, I won't ask for your email address).

Even if nothing else worked (or especially if so): give it a try.

I still have to meet someone who watched it without feeling that "this is what I needed to hear my whole life".